Haystack Fellows Program

The Haystack Fellowship seeks to equip emerging entrepreneurs with the knowledge and network necessary to accelerate the development of new enterprises of purpose and integrity, including businesses, schools, or other voluntary associations.

Who are we looking for?
The Haystack Fellowship is designed for students and professionals under the age of thirty interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs of purpose and integrity. Candidates for The Haystack Fellowship are exceptionally talented and dedicated emerging leaders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, including engineering, law, computer science, design, natural sciences, medicine, military service, and more. 

What are the benefits?
During the year-long fellowship, you will receive $25,000 and meet periodically with the Haystack Partners team, leading entrepreneurs, and peer fellows. These are opportunities to share your progress and receive helpful feedback and suggestions from your peers. We are excited to support your entrepreneurial growth and development during this time, whether in your current role, or in the development of a new enterprise.

For three years following your fellowship, we'll continue to offer additional support to you. If you decide to pursue the development of a new venture, we look forward to connecting you with suitable backers and supporters. In many cases, we will provide seed investment or funding in support of your new venture. You will also have ongoing access to the Haystack Fellows network. 

How are Fellows chosen?
Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Haystack Partners team and chosen in collaboration with leading entrepreneurs in our portfolio and network.